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Craftmer, since 1991

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Craftmer® Oy is a family business and dates back to the 70´s. Mr. Tauno Keskisarja, who is a professional shipbuilder, started developing tools, which made his own work easier. The first result from his work was the Jakki tool, which basically is a turnbuckle fitted with a ratchet. Fixed to the pieces to be installed, it is used for producing a pushing or pulling force up to 12 tonnes for easy positioning of the pieces in relation to each other. After extensive testing and optimisation the ease of use and materials/weight/capacity -relationship of the Jakki tool has proven to be a success and so far totally more than 4.000 units of Jakki tools have been produced. Some of them have reached the age of 15 years and are still in service.

Product development

New products are continuously being developed in close co-operation with the customers to solve their problems related to specific working applications. Most of the Craftmer® products are used for producing a force for shifting heavy components in the assembly of ship structures or other steel constructions. Craftmer® products facilitate the installation of e.g. frames, bulkheads and hull sections. Alignment of stiffener ends and plate edges for welding is the second area of application of our products. Very important objective with the design is to eliminate unnecessary welding, cutting and grinding of temporary lugs.

The essential features of Craftmer® products are their fitness for the exact needs of the shipbuilder, simple design and low weight in relation to the pulling/ pushing capacity.


More than 50 shipyards in the world have chosen to build their ships with Craftmer® tools.

The traditional customers of Craftmer Oy are the Finnish shipyards and other heavy workshops. We have been exporting our products since 1992, to e.g. Norway, Scotland, USA, Germany and Brazil.

All our products have European CE-mark and are manufactured in our own workshop in Finland.